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cleaning solar panels services by solarclean

SolarClean introduce the best service, from Romania for cleaning solar panels.

Using cleaning systems that are nontoxic and with great efficiency, the company goal is to revolutionize the maintenance of the solar parc's. This will permit to make the cleaning services with small and reduce costs.  

With services that covers the entire area of cleaning fotovoltaic panels in summer and winter also, SolarClean helps to increase the energy production by 20% into the solar parcs that maintanin.

  • Cleaning fotovoltaic panels with demineralized water
  • Cutting and cleaning the grass and vegetals from the solar parc area
  • Cleaning the snow and treating the solar panels with anti ice solution using IceFree tehnology.

are services that SolarClean are realizing at the demand of the clients or by regular meintenance contract for the solar panels.