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Cutting the vegetation from the solar parks and seeding grass with small size, prevents the shadowing effect to appear.

This maintenance service of the solar panels permits the permanent production of the energy at the maximum level.

Vegetation management for solar parksVegetation management for solar parks

Solar Clean is providing two types of services for the management of vegetation:

First is Cutting and cleaning the vegetation


Using mechanical cutting and trimming machines, Solar Clean is provinding first step in any vegetation management - reducing the vegetation to an level where is not making any shade on solar panels.

Picturesc like the one from the imagine below is not an regular but could apear if the owner neglect the solar park.

Vegetation management for solar parksVegetation management for solar parks

Vegetation need to be reduced constantly, some times twice per year to prevent the droping in income.

And second step in the managements of vegetation is seeding Low Growing Grass

Solar Clean could seed certain types of grasses under and around the solar installation .
As long as the grasses do not grow above the clearance of the modules, they pose no threat to the installation. In fact, having grass present under the modules assists in cooling the system and improving long term efficiency. Having grass under the system prevents the ground from radiating heat upward under the modules, helps the soil retain moisture, and prevents erosion. If the land is without any grass then the dust could easily rise and deposit on the solar panels.


                     Vegetation management for solar parks


As long as the grass never requires mowing, the risk of a lawn mower throwing projectiles into modules is eliminated. The initial cost is relatively low to seed the grounds compared to other methods and the cost of grounds maintenance is greatly diminished.
The grass is an effective hedge against the costs and risks of mowing or using chemicals.