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Keep Your Solar System Clean and Save Money!

Our solar system clean & service includes:

1. A complete solar panel clean management plan
2. A cleaning services with pure demineralised water

In most cases, you will save money by keeping your system clean and maintained which means the benefits will pay for this service and put money back in your pocket.
Don't risk injuries by falling off your roof, damaging your panels or voiding warranties by letting your maintenance lapse. Let a professional take care of your solar system. 

Cleaning of the solar panelsCleaning of the solar panelsCleaning of the solar panels


Regular agriculturar activities bring a lot of dust on the solar plants.

More Details on Our Solar System Clean & Service:


Solar Clean uses advanced state of the art equipment in our unique cleaning system that ensures a perfect clean every time. This system is safe for your solar panels and friendly to the environment.
Here are some of the benefits of our solar cleaning system:

  • Uses 100% de-ionized purified water, this leaves no spotting or residue from mains water suplly.Cleaning of the solar panels
  • No detergent or harmful chemicals
  • Minimal water uasge (0.5 litres per panel)
  • Water fed wash poles with scratch-free "turbo" Brush head
  • Removal of the following list of contaminants will singnificantly impact on the efficiency

  1. Dirt and dust bild up.
  2. Bird and bat feces.
  3. Saps and Pollen.
  4. Moss, mould and mildew.
  5. Salt water crystallization, which is prevelant in coastal areas.
  6. Mains water mineral deposits as a result of hosing your panels.
  7. Industrial and commercial residues.
  8. Carbon and soot from vehicles and heavy transport vehicles exhaust.

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