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cleaning and maintenance solar panels

Solar Clean is  locally owned and operated company who si exclusivelly cleaning and meintenance solar panels. We are not an regular cleaning company or window cleaning because we are specialised and trained to work with PV sistems.

Solar Clean is established to meet the emerging and growing demand for professional cleaning of solar (PV) grid tied installations throughout Europe.

Our professional team utilize the latest in solar cleaning equipment to properly clean solar panels. We can provide our cleaning services to commercial & institutional customers, utility companies as well as private customers and are capable of cleaning any type or size of installation.

Our cleaning process uses no chemicals and is 100 % environmentally friendly. The end result is a perfectly clean, clear and spot free surface which will have your panels operating at maximum efficiency once again. We offer one time cleaning services or can develop a regular maintenance plan designed according to individual customer requirements.

Dedicated Team

We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers and service technicians to handle all your solar needs. With a focus on trust, professionalism, and quality services, Solar Clean continuously strives to uphold its reputation as an industry leader and pioneer in the field of solar cleaning and maintenance services. Through our dedication to solar power services and green energy initiatives, we are continually making strides to support the reduction of our planet’s carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world.

The Solar Clean Difference

What sets us apart from other solar cleaning companies? Simple. Our dedication to our customers and their PV systems.

We dont have just an portfolio offering … it’s our business! Our founders started Solar Clean from the ground up by getting their hands dirty on job sites and still to this day can be found on site at many of our operations locations working side by side with our technicians.