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Furnizam apa pentru spalat panourile solare

Who we are and what we offer

We are a company that deals exclusively with the cleaning and maintenance of photovoltaic parks. We have equipment and knowledge to keep the solar panels at their maximum efficiency by cleaning with demineralized water and removing vegetation that produces shade.

  • Cleaning of the solar panels
  • Maintenance photovoltaic panels

Do not let the electricity production of the panels to fall because they accumulated dirt or deposits of ice in winter. Regular cleaning of the panels maintain their electricity production at its peak, allowing ruturnarea investments in the shortest time.

  • Maintenance photovoltaic panels
  • Management for solar parks

Latest news

  • 18 May

    World’s first self-cleaning solar park

    maintenance photovoltaic panels

    Cleanliness - or a lack of it - has proven to be one of the biggest impediments to wider adoption of solar energy. Most solar energy farms are located in deserts (as is Kibbutz Ketura, which is in Israel's southern Arava desert) where the sun is strong, and the spaces are wide open. Both are important factors to take into consideration when building a solar energy farm, which consists of hundreds or thousands of solar panels.

  • 18 May

    100 Solar Panel Robots To Combat Desert Dust

    cleaning solar photovoltaic panels

    Aside from using as little water as possible, solar panel cleaning faces another challenge, which is to keep the panel surface from scratching. Ecoppia’s E4 solution is a robotic device that deploys a soft microfiber combined with airflow, traveling on a platform that applies no pressure on the panel surface.